The Emerald Green Mug Reveals 2021 Champions


The Emerald Mug Celebration and also Honors was transmitted survive on Social Club TELEVISION (www.thesocialclub.TV)– and also is offered on April 20, 2021 for on-demand watching on the globe’s only marijuana TELEVISION network– making 2021’s event one of the most gone to in case’s 17-year background. With music efficiencies with Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti and also Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in addition to unique looks by Chelsea Trainer, B Real, and also Willie Nelson Life time Accomplishment Honor recipient Winona LaDuke, the occasion changed right into a TELEVISION network with numerous hrs of unique web content. Similar to practice, this year’s digital event was organized by creator Tim Blake and also his little girl Taylor preserving the intimate establishing the occasion is understood for with fireplace talks, professional panels, video clip of previous occasions, and also behind the curtain video.

The Emerald Mug reveals its champions for 2021 in each classification:

( sight checklist RIGHT HERE or download and install the complete checklist in brief file RIGHT HERE)

Sungrown Blossom– Group Champions:

  1. The Farmer and also the Lawbreaker– Gorilla Snacks, CannaCraft

  2. Canna Nation # 26, Canna Nation Ranch

  3. POG (Interest Orange Guava), Greenshock Farms

  4. Heritage Sour, StarSong Farms

  5. Dosilato, Sugar Fallen Leave Extracts

  6. Honey Dew, Esensia

  7. Pepper Mint Sleigh Flight, Greenshock Farms

  8. Pixie Dirt, Esensia

  9. Lime Juice, Esensia

  10. Mechanic Blossom, Telos Farms

  11. Tire Fire, StarSong Farms

  12. Vanilla Icing, Sugar Fallen Leave Extracts

  13. LA Kush Cake, Luminescent Farms

  14. Citrus Dawn, Trip

  15. Surfin’ Bird, Sunnabis: Humboldt’s Complete Sunlight Ranch x Humboldt Heirlooms x Redwood Origins

  16. Purple Sleigh Flight, Greenshock Farms

  17. Hippie Crippler, Cache Creek Orangewood

  18. Orange Terpentine, Greenshock Farms

  19. # 9, Canna Nation Ranch

  20. Gelonade Blossom, Booney Acres

Sungrown Blossom– Dog breeder’s Mug Victor:

Canna Nation # 26, Canna Nation Ranch

Mixed Light Blossom– Group Champions:

  1. Gelato Cake, Neighborhood Marijuana Business

  2. Sherbhead, Citizen Marijuana Business

  3. Changed Grapes, LitHouse

  4. Lemon Crush, Phytologie x Napro Study

  5. Citrus Squirt, Phytologie x Napro Study

  6. Royal Crown, NUG

  7. Monterey Kush Carbon Monoxide Gelato 41, Monterey Kush Carbon Monoxide

  8. Mochi, Old Briceland Holding Business

  9. Monterey Kush Carbon Monoxide Trop Cookies, Monterey Kush Carbon Monoxide

  10. Orange Daiquiri, LitHouse

Mixed Light Blossom– Dog breeder’s Mug Victor:

Lemon Crush, Phytologie x Napro Study

Indoor Blossom– Group Champions:

  1. Gelonade, Connected Marijuana

  2. Super Lemon Haze, Garcia Hand Chosen x NorCal Marijuana Business

  3. Biskante, Alien Labs

  4. Julius, FloraCal Farms x Seed Junky Genes

  5. Timeless Trainwreck, Abatin Farms x Napro Study

  6. DDV, Remedy (NCC) x Substance Genes

  7. Juicy Gushy, Room Farming

  8. Peach Maintains, Phytologie x Biotech Institute

  9. Chatting Trees Farms Zmashers, Chatting Trees Farms

  10. Delicious Chocolate Mintz, Sovereign x Tiny Shop Farmz x Hendrix Ranch

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Indoor Blossom– Dog breeder’s Mug Victor:

Gelonade, Connected Marijuana

Individual Usage Blossom– Group Champions:

  1. Exotic Sleigh Flight # 1, Mark Greyshock

  2. Steve Urkle, Tim Warda

  3. Orange Terpentine # 27, Mark Greyshock

  4. In the Pines, Derek Roseboom

  5. Skangie, Josh Youthful

  6. Filthy Zkittlez x Lemon O.G., Derek Roseboom

  7. Sol Luster, Walter Timber

  8. Peanut Butter Breath, Tara Mahony

  9. Sherballistic, Celebrity Fargey

  10. Strawberry Danish, Andrew Leitch

third Celebration Qualified Sungrown Blossom– Group Champions

  1. Pink Increase Siren, Emerald Green Spirit Botanicals

third Celebration Qualified Mixed Light Blossom– Group Champions

  1. Sour Tangie, Redwood Remedies

Hemp Blossom– Group Champions

  1. Guava Jam 2.0, Hakira x Biotech Institute

Solvent-Less (Ice Water Hash) Focuses– Group Champions:

  1. Strawberry Jelly 120u Water Hash, Papa’s Select

  2. Kombucha 90u Water Hash, Papa’s Select

  3. Garlic Juice 120u Water Hash, Papa’s Select

  4. Zkittlezmintz, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Mojave Marijuana Carbon Monoxide

  5. Gargoyle Melon Berry Complete Melt, Really feeling Chilly x Tar Hillside Marijuana

Solvent-Less Rosin– Group Champions:

  1. Patty’s Cake, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Landhammer Farms

  2. Garlic Juice # 3 Fresh Pushed Live Rosin, Rosin Technology Labs

  3. Strawberry Jelly Costs Live Rosin, Papa’s Select

  4. Tropic Sauce, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Vesuvio Gardens x Dance Pet Dog Cattle Ranch

  5. Rainbow Belts Solventless Live Rosin, Humboldt Terp Council x Devi

  6. Banana Peel x Wilson, Real Hash Business x ABR Farms

  7. Garlic Cookies Live Rosin Batter, Rosin Technology Labs

  8. Papaya Cake, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Dance Pet Dog Cattle Ranch x Landhammer Farms

  9. Uncrustable Headstash Live Rosin, Really Feeling Chilly

  10. Lemon Berry Costs Live Rosin Badder, Papa’s Select

Solventless Individual Usage– Group Champions:

  1. Orange Potion Complete Range 45-159 Live Rosin, Brett Byrd

  2. Fat Tropaya, Michael Alamares

  3. Tahoe C4 Complete Range 45-159 Live Rosin, Brett Byrd

Hydrocarbon Fluid– Group Champions

  1. Gelonade Live Material, Humboldt Terp Council x Booney Acres Ranch

  2. Sugaree– Live Material Sauce, Terphogz x Humboldt Terp Council

  3. Cresco “Lemon Bean”– Sauce, SLO Farming Inc

  4. Pineapple Interest Zkittlez- Live Material Sauce, Terphogz

  5. Tar Hillside Strawberry Lemonade Live Material, WOX REMOVES x Tar Hillside Marijuana

  6. Divine Water As Well As Rubies, Chanel Team Of Oakland x Grandiflora Genes x Holy Water

  7. Wedding Celebration Cake Live Material Sauce, Accentian, Inc. x Gold Decrease

  8. Medusa Cosmic Live Material Diamonds & Sauce, Planetary x Norse Organics

  9. URSA Removes Runtz Live Material, URSA Extracts/Bear Removal Residence

  10. Fine-tuned Live Material Diamonds– Strawberry Rosé, Raw Yard

Hydrocarbon Strong– Group Champions

  1. Moonbow Butter Icing, Suprize Suprize x High Water Farms x Area Removes

  2. Dosilato (Live Material Budder), Beezle Brands x Bon Vivant Farms

  3. Sapphire Shiznit, Suprize Suprize x High Water Farms

  4. Strawnana Runtz, CaliStripe Focuses x Kali Farms x Mendoja Farms

  5. Zerbert icing, Cali Kosher

  6. Super Lemon Haze, Guts (Pure CA, LLC.)

  7. Vanilla Icing, Suprize Suprize

  8. Lemonnade– Cake Mix 1g Badder, ArcataX x Willow Creekside Farms

  9. Purple Medusa Planetary Live Material Batter, Planetary x Norse Organics

  10. Lemonnade– Lion’s Hair 1g Badder, ArcataX x 1L Yard Supply

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Pre-Rolled Instilled– Group Champions

  1. Filthy Zkittles Hash Roll, Compassionate Production x Peak Farms

  2. Mommy’s Milk Geode Joint, Sovereign

  3. Banana OG x Cherry Fritter 1g Instilled PreRoll, Lift Tickets x Fresh Baked

Pre-Rolled Non-Infused– Group Champions

  1. GMO Cookies x Juice Z, Room Farming

  2. ZRUNTZ Pre Roll 5 pack, Terphogz

  3. Lemon Lava, LitHouse

CBD Blossom– Group Champions:

  1. Citrus Gummies, Abatin Farms x Biotech Institute

  2. Pennywise, Esensia

  3. Hill Medication, Garbage Pharms

CBD Blossom Breeders Mug Victor:

Citrus Gummies, Abatin Farms x Biotech Institute

CBD Cartridge– Group Champions:

  1. Tidal Wave Pet Dog, Chemistry. x Moon Made Farms

  2. Canna Banana, Savage Farms x Humboldt Alchemy Team

  3. Treatment deliberately 18:1 Vape Cartridge, CRFT Production, Inc.

CBD Edibles– Group Champions:

  1. Potli Desire Honey, Haute Supply LLC

  2. CBD Gummy Room Treasures, Room Treasures

  3. Treatment deliberately 4:1 Gummies, Lemon, CRFT Production, Inc.

CBD Topicals– Group Champions:

  1. Himalayan Kush Mineral Salt, OM

  2. Rasta Lotion, C.A.D (Carter’s Aromatherapy Layouts)

CBD Casts– Group Champions:

  1. Bonus Toughness CBD Potion Made With Sunlight Grown ACDC, OM x Island Hill Organics

  2. Fiddler’s Greens, Kindred Spirit Raw Cast, Fiddler’s Eco-friendlies x High Trend Circulation

  3. AC/DC, Chemistry. x Lazy Moon Cattle Ranch

CBD Focuses– Group Champions:

  1. Cremedy Complete Range Oil, Bird Valley Organics

  2. High CBD Complete Range Oil, Bird Valley Organics

Hemp Derived Topicals– Group Champions:

  1. Icey Stick, OM

  2. Bonus Toughness CBD Lotion, Crucial Body Treatment LLC

  3. CBD Releaf Body Oil, Papa & Barkley

Cartridges CARBON DIOXIDE– Group Champions:

  1. Burzt, Rove

  2. Red Velour Balanced, Savage Farms x Humboldt Alchemy Team

  3. Mistifi Houdini, Cannabistry

Cartridges Live Material– Group Champions:

  1. Arcata Fire Live Material Vape– Runtz, ArcataX x Great Expectations Ranch x Lightwork Distributors

  2. URSA Fluid Ruby Sauce Cartridge “Tar Hillside Pink Lemonade”, URSA EXTRACTS (Bear Removal Residence) x Tar Hillside Marijuana

  3. URSA Nova Blueberry Muffin Cartridge, URSA Removes

  4. Banana Creme– Solventless Vape, Jetty Removes

  5. KryptoChronic– Live Material Pen, Alien Labs

  6. Lemonatti– Live Material Pen, Connected Marijuana

  7. URSA Removes Lemon Super Glue Fluid Ruby Sauce, URSA Removes

  8. Alien Mints– Live Material Pen, Alien Labs

  9. Collins Ave– Pink Rozay 0.5 g Cartridge, ArcataX x 1L Yard Supply

  10. Cresco x Floracal Mentholotti– Fluid Live Material, SLO Farming Inc. dba Cresco Labs x Floracal Farms

Cartridge– Extract– Group Champions

  1. Blue River Delicious Chocolate Orange Jelly Sauce Cartridge, fresh baked x Blue River

  2. Banana Lotion, Beezle Brands

  3. The King, Golden Tangie, Solventless Terpenes, MYRIAD of Blossom

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Aesthetic Topicals– Group Victor

  1. RESTORING PRODUCT, Environment-friendly Botanicals

  2. Rose Geranium Bathroom & Body Oil, OM

Healing Topicals– Group Champions:

  1. Arnica Discomfort Alleviation Epsom Salt, OM

  2. Sugary Food Releaf Convenience Warms 30ml Cannabis-Infused Dry Oil Roll On For Discomfort & Swelling, Purely Topical

  3. Lion Balm, OM

Cast– Group Champions:

  1. Lempire Farmaseed Dirty Zkittlez Rosin Cast, LH Production, LLC x Compassionate Heart Mutual Advantages Company

  2. Bonus Toughness Evening Potion, OM

  3. Caring Heart Garlic Logs 300mg THC 10mg CBD Rosin Cast, LH Production, LLC x Compassionate Heart Mutual Advantages Company

Ingenious Products Victor:

SOW YOUR OWN MAGIC-mom and also pop seed pucks, Huckleberry Hillside Farms

Edibles– Drinks– Group Champions:

  1. Stereo Jumps Unplugged, CRFT Production, Inc.

  2. Mad Lilly- Interest Fruit Mango Spritzer, K-Zen Beverages produced by Spacestation

  3. The Fizz- Ginger Origin, Manzanita Naturals

Edibles– Sugary Food– Group Champions:

  1. OM & Really Feeling Chilly Vegan Rosin Gummi, Mixed Berry, OM x Really feeling Chilly Hash x Tar Hillside Marijuana
  2. GO, CLICK Spray
  3. Sour Gummy Room Decline, Room Treasure
  4. Satori Chai Spiced White Delicious Chocolate, CRFT Production, Inc.
  5. Diverse Tastes 12pk Marshmallows, Mellows
  6. ” Munchie” THC Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, Delicious Chocolate Haus
  7. Strawberries & Lotion Super Mellows Marshmallows, Mellows
  8. Brownish Butter Sage & Smoky Vanilla Super Mellows Marshmallows, Mellows
  9. ” White w/ Oreo” THC White Delicious chocolate w/ Oreos Bar, Delicious Chocolate Haus
  10. ” Strawberry” THC White Delicious chocolate w/ Strawberries Bar, Delicious Chocolate Haus

Edibles– Savory– Group Champions:

  1. Potli SrirachaHaute Supply LLC

  2. GF Rosemary Garlic Crackers 100mg Crossbreed– 4 PackHigher Edibles

  3. Chile Limon Canna-Corn Kernels– GFHigher Edibles

Eco-Conscious Product Packaging Group Victor:

Tree Hugger Container’s Lasting 6-pack Eco-Conscious product packaging, Tree Hugger Containers

The Emerald Mug 2021 Image Competition Victor:

Strength, David Cooper

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