Merry Hashish! Christmas and Marijuana

Merry Cannabis! Christmas and Marijuana


Christmas has come and gone for the yr 2020, and New 12 months’s is true across the nook. The vacations are undoubtedly a time for pals to get collectively and toke, however such traditions return approach farther than latest historical past. All all through historical past, hashish has been used as a part of our favourite holidays. So, let’s check out the connection between Christmas and marijuana.

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Pagans and Christmas

Christianity didn’t simply occur in a single day, and because it handed via into totally different areas on the earth, it included into native traditions. Earlier than Christmas was often called the vacation that marked the delivery of Jesus Christ, it was identified for representing the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the yr, and the longest night time. The events of that point of yr had been referred to as ‘Yuletide’, which is the Germanic time period used for the winter solstice. Yuletide basically marked the tip of the times shortening, and was a celebration of the approaching months of better solar. Although it isn’t one of many crops usually related to Christmastime, Christmas and marijuana go collectively historically, proper together with extra identified crops like evergreen timber, mistletoe, cloves, holly, and cinnamon.

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One story goes as follows: Earlier than the time of the 12 days of Christmas, these days had been often called the 12 Uncooked Nights. Because the story goes, the pagan god Woton (aka Odin), galloped throughout the sky along with his military to struggle the battle of sunshine versus darkish, referred to as the Wild Hunt. Woton and his military, by folklore, had been identified to select up unsuspecting victims from the bottom, and had been typically accompanied by different demons which got here out throughout these nights. One of many traditions to chase away evil at bedtime was the usage of 9 herbs, one in every of which was doubtless hashish. The story of Woton and his flying military is believed by some to be the idea for the Santa Claus story, and attracts an early connection between Christmas and marijuana.

Christmas and marijuana

A cool Yuletide custom that’s carried on in the present day has to do with beer. It was customary amongst German pagan traditions to brew particular beers throughout Yuletide referred to as Julbeers and Wodelbeers. Although there have been truly strict brewing legal guidelines on the time to make sure pureness, these guidelines had been typically ignored throughout this time, and further components had been typically put in to extend the intoxication. Vegetation like wormwood, black henbane, and hashish had been used for this function.

Why was Santa so jolly?

One other story about Christmas and marijuana implies that our good previous Santa Claus might need stayed so jolly due to what was in his pipe. Within the poem A Go to From St. Nicholas (or, the Evening Earlier than Christmas), there’s a line particularly talking about Santa smoking his pipe and smoke encircling his head. Again then, together with common tobacco, one thing else referred to as ‘baccy’, which was a mixture of totally different herbs together with hashish, was used. There was even a particular phrase used for the hashish seeds on this natural combination: knastert.

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Nevertheless it won’t have been hashish that basically made Santa jolly. In actual fact, psychedelics appear to have their place within the Christmas story too. Many Christmas traditions come from shamanistic traditions of Northern Europe in pre-Christian occasions. Individuals of this area had a sacred mushroom referred to as the ‘fly agaric’, or the amanita muscaria mushroom, which is crimson and white, and grows beneath fir timber and evergreens. Since they include a potent hallucinogenic, they’re typically related to magic and fairies. The harvest and use of those mushrooms is related to the thought of Santa Claus, flying reindeer, items, and Christmas timber.

Many of those historic peoples believed in a ‘world tree’, which acted as a cosmic axis, with roots taking place to the underworld, and branches reaching up into heaven. These peoples additionally revered the North Star, as they thought all different stars revolved round it. This star went along with the world tree, and the overall heart axis of the entire universe, with the highest of the tree reaching the North Star. It was mentioned that the spirit of the shaman would climb the tree to cross into the realm of gods. This explains the star historically put atop the tree, and maybe the place the thought of the north pole comes from.

santa smokes cannabis

One other side about these traditions, the individuals who celebrated them thought that the mushrooms grew with out an precise seed, that means a virgin delivery. They noticed this on account of dew left on the bottom which acted as semen. Tinsel placed on timber is supposed to symbolize this perceived seminal fluid.

A final notice about reindeers

In what’s an exceptionally bizarre story that I can solely hope is true, it’s mentioned that the lively ingredient of the amanita mushrooms doesn’t truly get damaged down by the physique when consumed, and passes out within the urine. It’s even thought of safer to entry the psychoactive components by ingesting the urine of somebody who has already eaten them, since among the extra poisonous chemical substances could be processed out at that time. Anyway, this truly made it a apply to drink the urine of those that had already consumed mushrooms, with the lively compound supposedly lasting via about six passes via.

The place do reindeer come into this sort of bizarre apply? Nicely, seems, reindeer weren’t solely a extremely regarded animal by these historic peoples, but additionally preferred consuming the mushrooms, which led them to prance round in a excessive state. Individuals typically drank the reindeer urine to entry the psychoactive results.

To take this story up a notch in weirdness, reindeer additionally preferred to drink the urine of people that consumed the mushroom, main tribesmen to hold round containers of their very own mushroom-enhanced urine to draw again reindeer which had strayed away from the remainder of the herd. One of many primary results of amanita mushrooms is to present the consumer the feeling of flying, which might clarify the folklore round Santa and flying reindeer.

reindeer and mushrooms

A bit of about caroling

One other Christmas and marijuana (or somewhat, hashish) custom which continues to be practiced in Poland and Lithuania in the present day, has to do with hemp soup on Christmas eve. Known as ‘semieniatka’, the soup is definitely supplied to useless members of the family who come again for vacation visits with the fam. This, in flip, might return even additional to historic Scythians, a tradition that used hashish closely in dying rituals and funerals.

In what’s at the moment Russia, Germany, Lithuania, and Poland, the individuals of those areas throughout pagan occasions celebrated a Slavik vacation referred to as Koleda. The vacation was in reverence to the god Koliada, who’s represented by the weak, however rising, winter solar which is taken into account reborn after the winter solstice. In line with this custom, a sacred ceremony referred to as Koleduvane was practiced on the night of Koleda, wherein single males would gown up as ‘Koledari’ which meant carrying a dressing up from one in every of three classes: anthropomorphic, zoomorphi, or anthropo-zoomorphic, which had been represented by totally different animals. The group was led by a ‘grandpa’, meant to be an older, wiser character.

One character within the group was referred to as ‘bride’, and symbolized the delivery of the brand new moon, and the dying of the previous one. The ‘bride’ sat atop a wood hemp breaker, which was carried by the opposite members, and on the identical time spun hemp. At midnight, the entire Koledari group would head out, going home to accommodate, singing out entrance, after which going via the home to analyze for evil spirits. Any spirits discovered could be duly chased from the home to assist guarantee harvest the next yr. The patrons of the home, glad to have spirits eliminated, would pay for the service with heckled hemp fiber, which was then made into thread by the ‘bride’. The thread particularly symbolized fertility and was meant for new child clothes. This custom of going home to accommodate and singing (and eradicating evil spirits) is considered the idea for Christmas caroling in the present day.


Additional investigation turns up much more tales to clarify the Christmas tales of in the present day, with totally different connections to medication like hallucinogens and hashish. One factor is for positive, within the yr 2020, Christmas and marijuana positive go collectively, and it appears they’ve for fairly a while.

One final notice – all of that is folklore. I stand behind none of it as precise historical past, however discover it attention-grabbing how these previous tales weave into the traditions of in the present day. Maybe some tales are true, or partially true, maybe we received’t know. Nevertheless it positive makes Christmas extra enjoyable to suppose that these tales is likely to be actual.

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